Unlocking the Potential of Micro Cap Stocks

Small Size, Mighty Returns for the Long Term

Mighty microcap stock picks that have potential to generate marvellous returns for long term. The aim here is to identify promising microcap stocks that have the potential to grow significantly over time. The stocks recommended have relatively good fundamentals and show high convictions to grow multifold in the upcoming years....

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1 Year


Very High

Risk Level

Awesome Product Highlights

Client shall receive one recommendation per month over a period of one year

The holding period for each recommended stock is for 3 year

Recommendations will provide clear entry and exit points to make most out of it

Micro Marvel is based on microcap stock picks. It is a very high-risk product with potential upside of 70– 80%

Detailed review of recommendation's quarterly performance will be provided every three months

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Only closed recommendation are listed here. Open recommendations are available only in subscriber's login.

Movement of some stocks (for demonstration purposes only)

Company NameReco Price / DateExit Price / Date% ReturnIn days
Company NamePrice as onPrice as on% ReturnIn days
Kilburn Engineering Ltd.155.30
73.21109 days
Shree Ganesh Remedies Ltd.359.85
75.07164 days
Haldyn Glass Ltd.76.08
73.5098 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on your mind? We have the answers for you!

Micro Marvel is a specialized equity recommendation service that focuses on identifying promising microcap stocks with significant growth potential. It stands out by offering thorough research, early entry opportunities, and high-risk, high-reward investments.

Our team of highly qualified research analysts is responsible for developing Micro Marvel's stock recommendations. They bring extensive expertise and experience to the table to identify microcap stocks with promising fundamentals.

Micro Marvel recommends microcap stocks that exhibit strong fundamentals, high beta, and the potential for significant growth. These stocks are carefully selected to offer long-term wealth creation opportunities.

Subscribers receive monthly BUY recommendations for microcap stocks, with an estimated holding period of 3 years. Additionally, you will be notified when it's an opportune time to SELL the stock.

Yes, Micro Marvel provides quarterly result updates on the recommended stocks, keeping you informed about their performance and potential changes.

Micro Marvel's recommendations include in-depth company analysis, key growth triggers, and other valuable information to help you make informed investment decisions.

As a subscriber, you will have access to the Micro Marvel Dashboard, providing you with comprehensive insights and updates. You will also receive notifications through email and the app.

Yes, Micro Marvel is designed to be suitable for investors with low capital. It offers opportunities for early entry into high-growth companies.

Micro Marvel is a high-risk service, primarily dealing with volatile microcap stocks. It aims to outperform market returns but comes with higher risk due to the nature of microcap investments.

Micro Marvel will notify you via email and app notifications in the event of any changes to the target price or target date for the recommended stocks, ensuring you have up-to-date information for your investments.

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