Choosing a Product/Service FAQs

Being an investment advisory media company since 1986, we have built a full range of product/services to cater to the various needs of all investors whether it is in terms of risk appetite, time frame, knowledge level, investment philosophies, beginner, expert etc. For the complete list do check out the 'Product' section on our website.

Absolutely, from an investment point of view we provide many different services apart from our flagship magazine. These products differentiate based on market cap and investment philosophies.

  • Value Pick: 1 year product based on Value Investing philosophy
  • Vriddhi: 3 year product based on Growth Investing philosophy
  • Tiny Treasure: 1 year product focusing on the small cap companies
  • Mid Bridge: 1 year product focusing on the mid cap companies
  • Large Rhino: 1 year product focusing on the large cap companies
Beyond the above 1 recommendation/month service, we also provide the following two advisory service
  • Super 60 Model Portfolio: A passive wealth creation portfolio product
  • Portfolio Advisory service: A dynamic and active wealth creating product.

Yes, we provide different trader products too. These are based on Technical Analysis and cover various trading opportunities available to a trader today.

  • Pop Stock: Intraday Equity Product
  • Pop BTST: Buy today, Sell tomorrow Product
  • Pop Options: Intraday to capture opportunities in Option trading
  • Pop Scalper: Intraday that looks for trending move & volatility expansion and gives call/put calls on Nifty and Bank Nifty.
  • Technical Advisory Service (TAS): Product that uses technical knowledge and takes advantage of a holding period upto 15 days.

To help you short-list the product that would suit to your requirement do check out our ‘Product Selection’ tool on the home page. It will give you a fair idea.
Also, you can visit the product pages to get more information.

In addition, we would suggest you to top-up your product with our flagship magazine, “Dalal Street Investment Journal”. This combo will make it a holistic knowledge base as the magazine carries current news, articles, interviews and information on stock market and mutual funds.
If you are still in a dilemma then you can always reach us on the numbers mentioned on our website or drop us a mail on

Absolutely, we encourage everyone to check out the product details and past performance of the products. In fact, do check the performance across several months before evaluating as poor or good performance in a particular month can be owing to short term market conditions.
For the performance details, checkout the 'call tracker' section listed at the bottom of their respective product page.

Excellent! You are at the right place. Our, Portfolio advisory Service (PAS), exactly addresses this need. Once your account is initiated i.e. post KYC and agreement signing, our advisory team will review your existing portfolio to suggest stocks to keep at the start and there on further guide you to add other relevant stocks that fit your portfolio the best. Your portfolio will be tracked live 24x7 by our research team and you will be provided with advice on buying and selling at appropriate times. Do remember, you are always the captain of your ship, as your stocks and money remain in your account at all times.

Super 60 Model Portfolio is the best suited for this. Based on your risk and interest you will be assigned to a model portfolio. This portfolio is managed by the research experts at DSIJ. You need to simply always ape this portfolio. Every change in this portfolio will be notified to you. You need to follow the change done to the portfolio you are following. As simple as that!

Voila! Welcome to MF Power. MF Power provides a list of carefully selected Mutual Fund schemes that together as a portfolio are well equipped and balanced to provide you the much-needed returns. You can check the product page on the website for further details.


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