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May 23, 2015

Dalal Street Investment Journal

Dalal Street Investment Journal is India’s No 1 Equity Research and Capital Investment Magazine. 

Our fortnightly magazine is published with a focus on stock market research & recommendations, capital market analysis, personal finance investment advice and economic analysis & it's impact on Indian share market.

Reader surveys and regular feedback reveals that over 75 % of our readers act and profit from DSIJ stock recommendations, which has been the result of over 27 years of continuous study and research on the Indian stock market.

Latest DSIJ Magazine Issue

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Dalal Street Investment Journal is a one-stop-shop for all capital investment related opportunities and is the most widely referred and accepted journal in the finance and investment space. 

Today, DSIJ is the only equity investment magazine in the country, which publishes well-researched stock analysis with clear cut guidance for investors on stocks - To Buy, Hold or Sell.

What's more? As proof of our confidence, competence & commitment, we publish a scorecard updating you with the status of all our past stock recommendations. We also publish -

  • A dedicated section on Personal Finance -
  • Regular score card on the best performing Mutual Funds.
  • Useful articles on Insurance Policies, Housing Loan Schemes and Credit Card Offers.
  • Databank listing the performance of 1500 companies.
  • Online version of the magazine for subscribers.

Subscribing to Dalal Street Investment Journal opens up a wide new world of capital investment opportunities and, of course, monetary gains.

DSIJ Magazine Sections

  1. Editors Desk - Article by the editor.
  2. Company Index - A quick glance on recommendations made in the current issue.
  3. Hot Chips - This section gives you juicy tit bits on stocks to cash on for a shorter horizon.
  4. Choice Scrip - Know more on stock of blue chip companies and recommendations on a long term investments.
  5. Low Price Scrip - Stock recommendations on today's underdog who has a good potential in the future.
  6. Portfolio Guide - Adding value to subscriber's equity portfolio by giving quality advice.
  7. Brokers Best - Every issue will feature a prominent individual from the Indian broking industry with his views on the equity market, industry outlook and companies.
  8. Technicals - Advise on scrip's taking only the technicals analysis into consideration.
  9. Reviews - This section is a follow up on previously given stock recommendations.
  10. View Point - Article by Mr Yamal Vyas (C.A & C.S) on the latest burning issues.
  11. Face to Face - Interview with a leading personality related to stock market or India Inc.
  12. Analysis - Featuring a new company for long-term equity investment.
  13. Special Report - News highlighting controversial facts in the stock market.
  14. Market Moves - A comment on the impact of news on the stock market and likely outlook of market.
  15. Databank - Complete up to date, highly usable data of 1500 listed companies & related information.
  16. Cover story - As the title suggests this section comprises of the cover story of the issue.
  17. New Issue Analysis - Hard facts on upcoming IPO and recommendations on the same.
  18. Post issue analysis- What to do with the company after listing.
  19. Personal Finance - As the title suggests this section is related to personal finance on varied topics.
  20. Personal Guidance - Featuring an expert in the personal finance domain answering subscriber questions.
  21. Mutual Fund Databank - To the point data analysis with timeline of Mutual Funds.
  22. Mutual Fund Analysis - 4 funds under the scrutiny with expert recommendations.
  23. Fund Focus - Article by a reputed Fund Manager on current events in Mutual Funds.
  24. In Focus - Advise by a reputed expert on investment in Mutual Fund.
  25. Banking - Valuable news in the banking domain.
  26. Taxation - Expert giving advise on taxation.
  27. Insurance - Article guiding you through the maze of insurance nitty gritty.
  28. Letters to Editor - Feedback provided by DSIJ readers.
  29. Informed Intelligence - Stock recommendations provided by brokers, analysts, dealers not affiliated to DSIJ.


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