Stock Market Challenge FAQs

Orders are executed only when the stock markets are open. They are normally open between 9:15 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. IST from Monday to Friday. Do note they are closed on Weekends and Public Holidays. Hence, orders placed when market is closed will show as pending and only get executed when the market opens next.

First and fore-most we are working with a 15 second delayed price feed from the exchange. Hence, even if you place a market order on a liquid stock (like Reliance industries etc.) it will still take about 30 seconds to trade. However, be rest assured that it will trade at the price that was present in the real market when you placed the order. This condition ensures Fair play.

Every hour a process runs that updates the rank of all players and updates the net worth figure. Hence, in between the running of the process you may see the net worth figure different. This does not affect or change your net worth in anyway.

To create the contest log on to go to Menu Bar ===» create contest===» Feel the details===» Share the key received on your registered e-mail id with your friends. (From DSIJ app contest cannot be created).

To join a private contest, go to Menu Bar ===» Join Contest===» Select Contest Name ===» Enter The Key to Join. You need a key from the private contest creator to join that contest.

To reset the portfolio, Go to Menu Bar ===» Join Contest ===» Reset portfolio

Currently Trading is with respect to Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) only. FnO trading is not available on DSIJ Game at the moment.

As per guidelines, Short selling in Cash Markets is strictly to be squared off by 3:10-3:15 pm. if short positions are not covered manually then those will be auto covered once the market is closed as per the closing prices.

The brokerage fee applicable is 0.25% per stock value or 0.05 rupee per stock, whichever is maximum. In case the purchase is squared-off the same day then brokerage does not apply on the second side (i.e., no brokerage while selling if the stock is sold on the very same day it was purchased)

Stock Market Challenge is an online simulation trading game where you create and manage your own portfolio and compete with other players in a risk-free environment. Every challenger is assigned Rs.10,00,000 play money in the beginning. The objective is to maximize this amount by intelligently and smartly investing in the Stock Market. This Stock Market Challenge is almost as real as it happens on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The practical issues faced when a stock hits a circuit or the illiquidity of a stock etc. are all captured and simulated so as to ensure a realistic experience of the markets.


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