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Upstream Pick

Upstream Pick is your gateway to discovering companies with a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit, companies that have a history of rewarding investors. At DSIJ, we've honed our expertise to develop proprietary parameters, seeking out these unique opportunities in the market.

Embrace the contrarian approach and explore the world of companies poised for greatness with Upstream Pick.

Why This Service?

Embark on a journey to unearth exceptional opportunities and reap multifold returns with Upstream Pick. Your path to extraordinary gains starts here.

Contrarian Investment Strategy

Discover undervalued companies poised for greatness through a unique, contrarian approach backed by proprietary analysis methods.

Expertise in Entrepreneurial Excellence

Leverage DSIJ's expertise in identifying businesses with strong entrepreneurial spirit and a history of rewarding investors.

Exclusive Market Opportunities

Gain access to exclusive, overlooked market opportunities with potential for significant returns.

Awesome Service Highlights

Unlock the full potential of your investments with our in-depth analysis and personalized guidance.


Client shall receive 1 recommendation per month over a period of 1 year.

Holding Period

The holding period for each recommended stock may be for 2 years.

Clear Guide

Recommendations will provide clear entry and exit points to make most out of it.


Upstream Pick is based on contrarian risk philosophy. It is a high-risk product with potential upside of 30 – 50%.

Detailed Review

A detailed review of the recommendation's performance will be provided every 3 months..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on your mind? We have the answers for you!

Upstream Pick is a unique equity recommendation service offered by DSIJ that focuses on identifying companies with strong entrepreneurial spirit and potential for future growth, even in challenging economic conditions. The service aims to reward investors by pinpointing companies with compelling valuations and high potential upside.

Upstream Pick employs a rigorous research framework developed through thorough analysis and spade work. This framework helps identify companies trading at attractive valuations and possessing significant potential for future capital gains.

Upstream Pick offers several advantages, including the ability to spot undervalued companies with low valuations, thereby reducing entry costs for investors. It provides opportunities for significant capital gains, especially if the stock market rebounds. However, it's important to note that these recommendations come with higher volatility compared to other types of stocks due to the "high risk high return" nature of the service.

The service provides twelve stock recommendations throughout the year, delivered in the first week of each month. It offers real-time notifications through both email and the app. The recommended stocks have a maximum holding period of two years, and clear entry and exit points are provided for each recommendation. Additionally, the service includes a detailed review of the financial performance of the recommended companies every six months.

All recommendations are delivered in real-time via email and app notifications. Subscribers will receive timely updates and reports on recommended stocks, including the reasons behind each pick.

Upstream Pick is categorized as a service with low risk in terms of stock valuation and high risk in terms of financial performance. The risk profile increases due to the inherent volatility and the potential for fluctuating financial performance of the recommended stocks.

When you receive a BUY recommendation, it means the stock is being recommended for purchase. Once the stock reaches its expected target price (TGP), you will receive a SELL cue, indicating it's time to sell the stock. This strategy is designed to help you capture gains at the opportune moment.

Recommended stocks are reviewed on a half-yearly basis. This allows for a comprehensive assessment of their financial performance and any changes in their potential upside.

Yes, the recommended stocks have a maximum holding period of two years. This aligns with the service's strategy of identifying companies with long-term growth potential.

Upstream Pick's "high risk high return" nature makes it more suitable for investors who are comfortable with greater volatility and are seeking potentially higher returns. It's important for investors to assess their risk tolerance before considering this service.

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