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May 30, 2015

Derivatives Book

Derivatives book Dalal Street Investment Journal presents Equity Derivatives Book – An essential learning guide for investors who wish to make money through equity derivatives.

This book on equity derivatives is purely inspired by the overwhelming success of our other publication, the 'Stock Market Book'.

DSIJ Equity Derivatives Book provide a balanced, integrated explanation of theory and practice in Indian equity derivative markets. It offers a theoretical approach of new modeling and hedging concept first, and then explain in depth practical application. The book covers: the newest and fastest-growing class of derivative instruments, fund derivatives; cutting-edge developments in equity derivative modeling; new developments in correlation modeling and understanding volatility skews.

This book comprehensively covers
» How the derivative market operates
» Option, Futures and Other Derivatives
» Various derivative instruments available for investors
» How to make money from equity derivatives

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Derivatives Book, India

How to deal in Derivatives?

How to make money from Derivatives?

What are the various instruments available for investors?

Derivatives Book is a very effective tool to protect the value of one’s investments. Even if you wish to keep away from high levels of speculation, to make good and profitable equity investment choices you need to understand the trend of the market to gauge the interest level of the market players and which companies and sectors are moving ahead.

The main features of the book are -

  • Introduction of derivatives
  • Covers all the area related with derivatives
  • How the Market Operates
  • Various Instruments available for Investors
  • Overview of investors income/loss account
  • How to make money from Derivatives
  • Derivatives : Futures & Options
  • Hedging & Speculation Strategies
  • Risk Management
  • Interesting Tips, Various Case Studies and Quotes from leading stock market players to make the Derivative Book more interesting to read.

The book is reader friendly and the content is in easy-to-peruse format, backed by lucid language. The book will help readers to become informed investors and will improve their ability to choose the best investment options wisely.



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