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Jun 30, 2015

POP Intraday Stock & Trading Tips

Intra Day Recommendations Get the best intra-day stock tips and intra-day recommendations at your fingertips with Dalal Street Investment Journal's (DSIJ) POP Stocks. This premium intra-day stock recommendation service provides you with high quality intra-day cash calls for a profitable intra-day portfolio.

POP STOCKS is for traders, professionals and HNIs and is backed by years of equity research and analysis with an accuracy rate of over 80%.

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POP STOCKS is backed by 27 years of stock market experience and research that provides you with top quality intra-day stock tips and intra-day recommendations. This intra-day service recommends NSE stocks for maximum possible gains on a daily basis.

POP Stocks - Key Features:

Recommendations :- You will receive 3 intra-day cash calls every day during market hours. This way you get enough time to understand and execute the call.

Types of stocks :- Our expert technical desk recommends highly intra-day liquid stocks so that you get enough bandwidth to execute your calls.

Service :- All recommendations will be sent on a real time basis via SMS + Chat (Yahoo Messenger or Gtalk - any one instant messenger). This means no time lags and no delays - instant calls for unlimited profits.

Live Updates :- We will send you live and instant updates (via SMS and Chat) whenever the:

  • Buy price is triggered
  • Stock makes profit
  • Stock touches new highs
  • Stock hits the Stop loss
  • Call is discarded

You will also receive a summary note on all our POP STOCKS intra-day tips at the end (evening - before 4 pm) of each trading day.

Sample intra-day stock tip :- You will receive our stock calls in the following format -

8:30 AM: POP Stocks BUY UBL Above 504 TGT 511-517 SL 498 BUY DEWANHOUS Above 210 TGT 212-216 SL 207 BUY SELAN Above 350.5 TGT 355-362 SL 345

9:05 AM: POP Update 9:15 SELAN BUY Triggered CMP 351.5, Recommended Buy aboveRs350

CMP: Current Market | Price TGT: Target Price | SL: Stop Loss Trigger Price



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