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Cultivate on the Rural Theme to Harvest Bountiful Returns


India is known for its diversity. This diversity is apparent in its languages, festivals, religions and almost all aspects of society. The same holds true for India’s economy. The Indian economy is complex, with various sectors, public and private enterprises, and significant state intervention in terms of policy and regulatory oversight. Broadly, both the rural and urban sections of the economy are important and reasonably interlinked. It is enthralling to study what constitutes India’s rural economy. Agriculture is just one component of the rural economy; in fact, it accounts for less than half of the total rural output. Over 50 per cent of our total industrial production comes from rural areas. The rural services constitute about a quarter of the total services output. Rural construction amounts to almost half of the total building activity in India. Although rural employment generation has not kept pace with rural industrialisation, there has been significant growth in disposable incomes and aspirations of rural India.

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