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COVER STORY Vol. 35 Issue No. 17

Creating Wealth Through Value Unlocking

You will find value investors always on the lookout for stocks that are traded at let's say Rs 100 per share but with actual intrinsic value of maybe Rs 200 per share.

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The Best Period To Be An Investor

For many of you who have been staying tuned to my editorials for the past f

Special Report

Cement Industry : A Bond Gone Weak

One of the sectors worst affected by the virus pandemic and the ensuing loc

Gain The Most From Momentum Stocks

The market is gaining momentum while the broader markets are participating


Bharat Electronics Limited : Well-Armed For Growth

Even if the ongoing virus pandemic has disrupted operations, the company&rs

Databank & Dividend

Data Bank

This is a super house of financial data on 3500 corporates with up to date

Informed Intelligence


The recommendations provided in this column are taken from various market s

Letter to Editor

NBFC Funding Cost

I am most thankful for the recent article covering the current situation pr

Market Moves

Optimism Prevails Despite Uncertainties

The optimistic behaviour portrayed by investors during the results season b

Query Board

Query Board

This section gives decisive investment rationales to our subscribers on the



In this edition, we have reviewed JK Paper Limited and Marico Limited. We s

Tax Queries

Tax Column

Tax Queries By Jayesh Dadia Chartered Accountant



GE Power bags contract worth Rs 291.9 crore

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MF - Cover Story

Deciding On Funds To Buy And Hold

The funds that you buy and hold serve as anchors providing a sense of stabi

MF - Databank

MF Data Bank

Data Bank of top-ranked equity funds based on DSIJ's proprietary research m

MF - DSIJ Recommendation

Fund of Fortnight

This is our mutual fund recommendation. Every fortnight , we recommend one

MF - Editorial

Success Lies in Simplicity

Buying and selling funds can be exciting especially if you buy low and sell

MF - Expert Guest Column

The World In Your Pocket

Diversification in your portfolio is one of the key factors that determine

MF - Goal Planning

What’s Your Investment Bucket Like?

The current economic situation is such that even veteran investors are unce

MF - Letter to Editor

Looking Beyond Returns

I read your special report titled 'Downside Risk: Selecting Funds, Looking

MF - Special Report

In Debt Funds, Be Alert About The Warning Signs!

With the fall in overall interest rate, we have seen a decline in rate of i

Small Savings Schemes: Losing Their Shine?

With the fall in overall interest rate, we have seen a decline in rate of i


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