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Model Portfolio

DSIJ_Model-Portfolio_logo Download Product Note The desire of any investor is to put their money into equity market and earn maximum returns; however, he wants his risk to be minimised. The reality is that it is difficult to find such mode of investments. Hence, came the concept of ‘Portfolio’, which works on the concept of not putting all your eggs in one basket. By investing in more than one unrelated stocks investor can reap the benefits of diversification that will reduce the combined risk of the portfolio. However, many of us lack the expertise to do the right research and on average buy shares based on rumours or tips which seldom performs in an expected manner.

We at DSIJ, with an experience of more than 32 years in equity research well understand the dynamics of capital research and can guide you to make profitable investments. Going a step forward, we are offering ‘Model Portfolio’ which considers your risk appetite and gives you the best investment option under the sun.


To serve the customers who want to have a ready-made portfolio made by experts which best suits their investment needs as per their risk appetite.

Key Features

  • bullet Assess your risk appetite

  • bulletRecommend a model portfolio that suits your risk profile.

  • bullet Portfolio is created with one-year time frame

  • bulletDetail stock and sector weightage for better risk management


Your ‘Model Portfolio’ will be sent through an e-mail by the end of the day. The report will also be available on the dashboard and you need to log-in to access the same. The report details out the reasons for recommending the stock, along with the target price. You can also check the performance of your portfolio through the Dashboard.

Terms to understand

CMP: Current Market Price
TGT: Target Price


  • bullet One-time customised portfolio tailored to individual needs

  • bulletSuperior returns at the given risk level

  • bullet Focus on quality stocks

  • bulletWell led investment philosophy

  • bulletConsiders valuations when deciding which stocks to buy

  • bulletReduced volatility through diversification to avoid non-systematic risks

  • bulletSolid risk management strategies to avoid excessive overweight allocations to individual securities or sectors

Risk level: The product assumes its risk level selected by the subscriber. Therefore, it can be a low risk as well as high-risk product.

The recommendations are purely a view point and there is no guarantee on the returns. Hence all the clients (paid or unpaid) are requested to apply their prudence before acting on any of the recommendations. Neither DSIJ Pvt Ltd nor any of its promoters, members, or employees shall be held responsible for any losses incurred (if any) by acting on the recommendations.