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India's Favorite New Age Author Kartikeya Ladha launches his next book 'Life Unknown- A passage through India'

India's Favorite New Age Author Kartikeya Ladha launches his next book 'Life Unknown- A passage through India'

NEW DELHI, Jan. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- One of India's notable new age author, Kartikeya Ladha has launched his next book 'Life Unknown- A passage through India'. In the new book, he showcases his experiences throughout India in a compelling story that will keep readers hooked till the end. In this escapade, Ladha's travel takes him to Ladakh, Dharmshala, and remote regions of India's far north, located deep within the powerful energy of the Himalayan mountains.

Kartikeya Ladha, Author Life Unknown- A passage through India

Following from his experience in his debut book, which went onto become an Amazon bestseller - Dream Beyond Shadows, where Kartikeya penned his experiences from his journey to South America. In the new book, Kartikeya continued his explorations after returning to his home country - India, where he traveled into the heart of the Himalayas, facing extreme conditions and challenging his mind to gain powerful insights for its re-creation. This was followed by a solo pilgrimage on foot from Kanyakumari to Goa, where he walked for more than 1,000 km in three months. 

Commenting on the launch, Kartikeya Ladha, Author, Life Unknown- A passage through India, says, "The inspiration of wanting to give life to a new work that could exemplify the rawness of what it means to be a human being is what brought this book to life. India was calling my heart; my heart was responding. India was screaming at my soul; my soul was missing. India was coming my way. My way was unknown. Via this experience, I feel I have been able to explore that unknown."

Kartikeya further said, "I have realized via all these experiences that wealth is important, but wellness is equally important. Without spiritual growth in a society, material growth becomes irrelevant after some point. In our ambition to create wealthy people, we shouldn't ignore the importance of focusing on our happiness, purpose, and health in the process."

About Life Unknown - A Passage Through India 

"A surfeit of noise was holding my heart. I was unable to see through the unknown ahead of me. My mind was losing its grip on reality; I could not understand what was happening to me. I stood still in my body, not knowing how I had arrived in it. I stood beyond time, unaware of my existence." Life Unknown showcases the author Kartikeya Ladha's take on how humanity has lived through an age of darkness, and is now surfacing to witness the light of human existence.

About Kartikeya Ladha:

Born in India, Kartikeya Ladha first gained international recognition after the launch of his first book, Dream Beyond Shadows. Published in late 2018, it went on to become an Amazon bestseller in India. The book captures tales from Kartikeya's many insightful stories, based on experiences from a trailblazing expedition to Peru, South America.

A social media influencer with an online community of thousands across the globe on Instagram, Kartikeya uses his creative endeavors to inspire and empower people.

Kartikeya used to live in the U.S. before quitting his job and letting go of his long-held plans to build a life in America. Since then, he has been on a quest to discover our existence's absolute truth, which has inspired travels to faraway lands. 

His artistic imagination springs from his desire to create works that exemplify the rawness of "what it means to be a human being."





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