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Revolutionary steps towards the amends required in the Online Meat Delivery Industry - With savor the Real Freshness

Revolutionary steps towards the amends required in the Online Meat Delivery Industry - With savor the Real Freshness

NEW DELHI, Feb. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Any and every brand has a story to tell, so do we have ours to be said and loved. We have always believed that no market can cross the love and eternal effectiveness of an industry like that of food. With Meazzy we have kept our best foot forward to cater to the lovers of food and die heart lovers of meat. We would like to mention something that anyone and everyone should know about Meazzy because a brand name without meaning is meaningless. A substantial meaning that is inclusive of all the ease, comfort, cravings that we bring to our meat lovers, go easy with Meazzy is what our message is about. To bring to you all the tasty meat at the comfort of your home that's fresh. We are not just saying it's fresh we mean it in its most authentic element. The freshness you would taste like no other. 

Buy the freshest and most palatable meat from your very own online meat shop.

Meazzy has been a plan and project taken up the lovers of food and meat. These bunch of people were so intrigued by every other dish that they would never miss a chance on trying out what restaurants were offering. But it's rightly said when you crave more you would not be getting the expected taste in return. But in this case, there was the taste, but the freshness element was missing. That's when some lads came up with the idea of starting their online meat shop and promised the freshness that is not being sold out at any other place. 

Meazzy is a mixture of freshness, cleanliness, taste and meat that's cash on hand. The assurance of freshness is mouth-watering, and hygiene is 110% guaranteed that you can pour the meat directly into your plates. 

We religiously follow what we lead to promising our customer base. 

I talked about India, it has the lowest percentage of people investing in meat which is about 14%. As per the research that has been undertaken while working on Meazzy for laying down the significant breakthroughs at online meat shops, one thing remained the same that was a concern of hygiene. Hygiene and cleanliness of slaughtered meat have been a significant factor responsible today for people to doubt hygiene's biggest promising brands. 

Through the years, the Practice of butchering chicken in India as remained the same which casually if taken into consideration has become the traditional way. The meat market is extremely cluttered and unorganised. Being said even a common man or layman has always understood the mere fat being involved in this unsaturated Indian meat market.

With Meazzy we have always believed to address how vital role freshness has to play in the entire process of having the best meat experience. If talked about Meazzy and what we have to aim as a brand is a Freshness itself. Why is it so? The mere agenda remains the same that we wish to provide our customers with the best of the two worlds. One is the Meazzy world where you will experience the freshness and then the real world where you get to experience the taste that leaves a feeling of nothing like real freshness.

The Meat industry is so cluttered that there is a need to bring reality to the surface. And we are here for the same. To bring a little distinctiveness to the existing meat market.

Meazzy Came into existence so that few a thing could really be kept intact which is of course freshness, cleanliness and packaging like no other. The team has always been so determined on making sure about the USPs to create that ever lasting impression on the customer all at once.

We genuinely wish for customers to experience what it really feels like to have that unforgettable taste on the taste buds, unmatchable freshness and a meat that can be poured directly into the plates as its more than just clean.

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Media Contact : Nishtha Dhingra,, 9560068135, Content Strategist, (A unit of Xenial Foods & Beverages Pvt Ltd)




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