Is It The Right Time To Invest in Gold and Silver?

Is It The Right Time To Invest in Gold and Silver?

Disruption in world affairs, rising inflation, low equity returns and fear of a looming recession are leading many investors to assess alternative forms of investment. Not surprisingly, many are turning to precious metals like gold and silver to act as a safe haven. But is it the right time? Vardan Pandhare helps you answer the question

Precious metals have a somewhat soft spot in the investing community. And why not? These finite resources, notably gold, have served as a safety net whenever the world has spiralled into a new catastrophe. India’s 1991 economic crisis – probably its worst ever – was resolved thanks to the yellow metal. These metals prevented the financial systems from collapsing in 2008 when the Lehman crisis struck the world. Today, the global economy is experiencing a gridlock brought on by the pandemic and then the unstable geopolitical scenario. This has resulted in many participants returning to precious metals.

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