Options strategies to generate income simply and effectively!

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Options strategies to generate income simply and effectively!

In conclusion, options strategies can be an effective tool for low-risk trading if approached with the right knowledge and understanding.

Mumbai, the city of dreams and the financial capital of India is a bustling metropolis where every day is filled with vibrant conversations and discussions. As I sat in a local train, surrounded by the chatter of fellow commuters, my attention was captured by an intriguing conversation between two gentlemen. They were discussing the current state of the stock market, which was trending higher, and the possibility of a correction or sideways movement within this structural bull run.

Both gentlemen seemed puzzled about what actions to take during such phases. Their anxiety about options trading stemmed from a mutual friend's significant setback in the past. They also mentioned Warren Buffett's famous quote about derivatives being "financial weapons of mass destruction." Curious about their concerns, I chimed in and assured them that while Buffett's statement holds some truth, it is not entirely accurate.

I explained that Warren Buffett, the Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is himself involved in the industry that frequently uses derivatives, particularly in reinsurance. He has even participated in longer-term derivative bets. This revelation left the gentlemen shell-shocked and eager to learn more about options trading and how to profit during sideways or slightly bearish markets.

To help them understand the potential of options, I first explained the purpose behind their introduction. Options were created as instruments to hedge positions, but many traders often misuse them. However, if used properly, options strategies can be a reliable source of income while limiting potential losses. I emphasized that the key to successful options trading lies in having a clear view of the underlying security and selecting the right strategy accordingly.

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To illustrate this point, I used the example that initially caught their attention – profiting from a sideways or mildly bearish market. With a neutral to moderately bearish view on the underlying security, we can employ a credit spread strategy known as the Bear Call Spread. This strategy is ideal when the market has rallied considerably, call premiums have increased, volatility is favourable, and there is ample time to expiry.


The construction of this strategy involves two legs: selling an at-the-money (ATM) call option and buying an out-of-the-money (OTM) call option. The purpose of selling the call option is to generate income while buying the OTM call option serves to limit the upside risk in case the situation changes suddenly.

For example, if the Nifty is currently trading at 18,500, you would sell the 18,500 CE option at Rs 114.1 and simultaneously buy the 18,600 OTM call option at Rs 66.55. The net premium received from this strategy would be the difference between the premium collected and paid, amounting to Rs 47.55.

The breakeven point for this strategy is calculated by adding the ATM strike price of the call option to the premium collected, resulting in 18,547.55. As long as the Nifty trades around the 18,550 mark, there will be neither profit nor loss. The maximum profit achievable is calculated by multiplying the lot size of Nifty (50) by the premium collected upfront (47.55), resulting in Rs 2,377.5. This profit can be realized if the Nifty settles around or below 18,453.

On the other hand, the maximum loss is determined by subtracting the credit received (47.55) from the width of the strikes (100) and multiplying it by the lot size (50). Thus, the maximum loss is restricted to Rs 2,622.5. It's worth noting that executing this strategy requires approximately Rs 32,813.

In conclusion, options strategies can be an effective tool for low-risk trading if approached with the right knowledge and understanding. However, it's essential to remain skeptical of anything promising abnormally high returns with minimal risk. By analysing the underlying security and employing appropriate strategies, individuals can navigate sideways or mildly bearish markets with confidence. Mumbai, with its buzzing atmosphere and diverse discussions, continues to foster an environment where financial knowledge and opportunities intertwine.

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