Which are the best-performing solution-oriented and other schemes?

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Which are the best-performing solution-oriented and other schemes? 308 0

Mutual funds not only offer equity, debt and hybrid schemes but also other schemes and solution-oriented schemes. Now the question might arise in your mind that what are other schemes and solution-oriented schemes?

Other schemes are divided further into two subcategories such as Index Funds/ETFs and FoFs (Overseas or Domestic). Likewise, solution-oriented funds enable an individual to create a corpus for their children education or marriage, etc. and retirement.

Let’s look at the subcategories of the Solution-oriented and other schemes in detail:

Subcategories of the schemes 


Best performing Funds within a category based on 1 year return 

Other Scheme 










1.      Index Funds/ETFs 

This is an open-ended scheme that imitates the benchmark index. Minimum investment in securities of a particular index (which is the benchmark of the fund and tracking the same) should be 95% of total assets 

Nippon India Nifty Smallcap 250 Index Fund – 90.38% 

Motilal Oswal Nifty Smallcap 250 Index Fund – 90.30% 

Motilal Oswal Nifty Midcap 150 Index Fund – 80.76% 

2.      FoFs (Overseas/Domestic) 

This scheme is an open-ended scheme investing in the underlying funds. Minimum investment of 95% of total assets should be towards an underlying fund 

DSP World Energy Fund – 59.45% 

Franklin India Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund of Funds – 53.43% 

Aditya Birla Sun Life Financial Planning FOF Aggressive Plan – 43.28% 





Solution-oriented Scheme 











1.      Retirement Fund 


This scheme is an open-ended scheme. Which have a lock-in period of 5-years or till the retirement age of the investor whichever is earlier. 

HDFC Retirement Savings Fund - Equity Plan – 72.83% 

ICICI Prudential Retirement Fund - Pure Equity Plan – 65.85% 

Nippon India Retirement Fund - Wealth Creation Scheme – 61.14% 

2.      Children’s Fund 

This is an open-ended scheme that helps in creating a corpus for children. This scheme has a lock-in period of at least 5 years or till the children attain the age of majority whichever is earlier. 

SBI Magnum Children's Benefit Fund - Investment Plan – 124.21% 

UTI CCF- Investment Plan – 64.58% 

Tata Young Citizens Fund – 59.67% 


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