Manufacturing Sector: Machined for Growth

Manufacturing Sector: Machined for Growth

Overview of India’s Manufacturing Sector

Despite the worries revolving around the geopolitical conflicts and the threat of the re-emergence of the pandemic, Bhavya Rathod and Armaan Madhani elucidate how the Indian manufacturing sector is poised to take a big leap forward, propelled mainly by the government’s initiatives and strategies like ‘Make in India’ the PLI scheme. This report highlights how this growth story will take shape 

The year 2022 will be remembered primarily for the outperformance of banking stocks, which demonstrated their sheer strength, with PSU banks leading the rally. Nifty Bank index increased by more than 21 per cent, compared to a 4.5 per cent increase in Nifty index, with Nifty PSU Bank index increasing by more than 61 per cent. This massive rally in banking stocks is largely due to an increase in credit growth, which is at its highest level in over a decade – 15 per cent year on year.  

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