Portfolio Advisory Service FAQs

PAS provides custom made advice on restructuring your existing portfolio & provide fresh recommendations that best suit the "Investor in You".

Portfolio Advisory Services is offered by entities that are registered with SEBI as an investment advisor. PAS operates under very strict regulatory norms laid down by SEBI.

Yes, we are Registered as an investment advisor SEBI (Registration No. NA000001142)

Recommendations are provided across Large, Mid and Small Cap companies. The portfolio is kept optimally balanced to derive best returns.

Capital will be invested across 15 to 20 stocks based on your risk profile. We may also maintain some cash balance to have opportunities to buy on market dips. More importantly, remember, your "valuable" money and stocks will always remain within your account and under your control.

While returns are not guaranteed, it is our objective to give returns above the BSE Sensex and BSE 500 over the medium to long term (1 to 5 years).

While we strive hard to deliver accuracy at individual stock levels, you need to evaluate the performance based on the overall portfolio since this is a Portfolio Advisory Service and not a single stock recommendation service.

While there is no minimum or maximum capital constraint for this service, we would advise the customer to consider starting with at least Rs 4 lakh for this service.
Yes, you can add additional capital later. You can also request for cash withdrawal from your portfolio at any time.

While we cannot give a specific loss level due to the uncertain behavior of the markets, the effort is to have a portfolio that can be resilient to drastic drops. However, it is natural that the loss is likely to be more for a very high-risk profile portfolio against a lower risk portfolio.

DSIJ provides both entry and exit calls specifying the exact quantity to be bought or sold. We also guide you through staggered buying and selling practice to get a better price.

We use a proprietary research technique that we have honed over the years. While there are many factors at play, to answers this question in short - We analyse the performance of the company based on its return on equity and capital employed and evaluate its growth prospects over the medium and long term.

PAS is an active portfolio advisory service while our other products are single stock research advisory solutions. In PAS we give specific information like the quantities to buy/sell, to maintain proper weightages across stocks in a portfolio etc.

We have disclosed the performance of few PAS portfolios on the PAS product page on our site. The same is dynamically updated.

Absolutely, details include the following

  • about the company,
  • recent financial performance and
  • reason for investing
These are provided in an supporting email and also on the PAS online dashboard.

You will have to retake the risk profiling questionnaire and if this confirms a change in risk tolerance, you may be recommended a different portfolio

As your stocks and money always remains in your custody, you can enter and exit the arrangement at your will.

There are no hidden charges…all you pay is an upfront subscription fee and we take care of the rest.

This product comes under Investment Advisory type of product and hence there are some extra regulations mandated by SEBI and hence the payment tenure is kept in multiples of 6 months.

You will receive an intimation from us before the expiry of your service to renew your service. Renewing regularly on time will keep your subscription active continuously.


Investment in securities market are subject to market risks.Read all the related documents carefully before investing.
Registration granted by SEBI, membership of BASL (in case of IAs) and certification from NISM in no way guarantee performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors.