Our Research Team

We as a research house believe in working holistically using our proprietary research methodologies perfected and mastered over many years. Our process and depth allow us to be free of any dependence on a particular research person/CIO etc. This allows us to unify the knowledge and power of multiple experts rather than be dependent on a single person's whims and fancies. Ours is a group of dedicated and passionate professionals who are collectively committed to providing you with the latest current and reliable information to help you make informed decisions in your wealth creation journey. Listed below are some of the key members:

Alyssa Hiyama
Karan Bhojwani
(Technical Analysis Expert)

NISM Certified Research Analyst with over 12 years insightful Technical Analysis experience. Delivering consistent risk-adjusted returns against set benchmarks.

Alyssa Hiyama
Ambareesh Baliga
(Influential Market Expert)

A cost accountant with 35 years of hard-core research work. Having worked with reputed firms like Price Waterhouse, Kotak, Karvy, Way2Wealth and Edelweiss.

Alyssa Hiyama
Shashikant Singh
(Quantitative Analysis Expert)

Data Scientist having 20 years of experience in equity market. In constant quest to decipher relation between thousands of financial variables and their interaction

Alyssa Hiyama
Prashant Shah

A Chartered Market Technician (CMT®) and a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe). He has authored four books on trading and investing.

Alyssa Hiyama
Ruzbeh J Bodhanwala
(Professor - Ph.D)

An MBA and Ph.D in Finance. Into teaching and research for 25 years. Believes that Investing is more of science than art. Innovating to help investors earn higher returns

Thoviti Brahmachary
Thoviti Brahmachary
(Technical Market Analyst)

Has 34 years of experience in reporting economic reforms and market forecasts. Been Head of the Association of Technical Market Analysts (ATMA). Trained over 5000 traders in Technical Analysis.

Hemant Rustagi
Hemant Rustagi
(Mutual Fund Expert)

A renowned mutual funds and personal finance expert with 30+ years of experience across MF industry and investment advisory space.

Jayesh Dadia
Jayesh Dadia
(Senior Tax Expert)

A Senior Chartered Accountant practising for over 40 years. Specialises in direct tax litigation, corporate restructuring, and family tax planning.

Chetan Shah
Chetan Shah
(International Markets)

FCA, CPA, a Corporate Strategy/M&A Expert, with investment banking experience in India, US, Middle East and Australia. Investment thesis driven by learnings from companies creating and destroying wealth globally.

Rajesh Padode
Rajesh V Padode
(FinTech Expert)

An IIT–Mumbai graduate with 30 years’ experience in Stock Markets. Successfully grew a leading broking and an IT firm previously. Passionate about Tech.

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