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The best of small cap companies eventually blossom into large successful companies. Tiny Treasure picks companies that are presently relatively small in market capitalization but show immense potential for the future. ...These are some of the best small cap stocks of companies having huge growth potential. 'Tiny Treasure' is an offering which has high beta and can give higher-than-expected return compared to S&P BSE Small Cap index in normal market conditions. This product zeroes in on the best small caps stocks to buy in the market based on higher earnings, asset efficiency and lower valuations.

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Risk Level

I want to see the performance of the product.

Awesome Product Highlights

Client shall receive one recommendation per month over a period of one year.

The holding period for each recommended stock may be for one year.

Recommendations will provide clear entry and exit points to make most out of it.

Tiny Treasure is based on small cap stock. It is a high-risk product with potential upside of 30 – 40%

Detailed review of recommendation's quarterly performance will be provided every three months.

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Alokmay Jana
Alokmay Jana-

I am a subscriber of DSIJ magazine for more than ten years and of Tiny Treasure & Mid Bridge for more than two years.
As a subscriber of Tiny Treasure & Mid Bridge I can assure you all of an unimaginable experience plus profit in equity market. These two services help me to make money without any reading & research. I just follow these recommendations blindly.This is the way for making tension free money from equity market for working professionals like me, who have not much time to invest.
A lot of thanks to DSIJ team.

Anirban Das
Anirban Das-

I have subscribed Tiny Treasure very recently (four months back), however it has given me handsome return within a very short period. Although named as Tiny treasure having potential like treasure of any kind. DSIJ has made a very good handpicked stock under this category & more important the timing for picking it when it is tiny and just moving towards biggie.

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You will be getting twelve recommendations over a period of one year with clear entry and exit points.

The maximum holding period for recommended stocks will be one year. But also, if the stock reached its target price early, we tend to exit at that point itself.

We provide recommendations through e-mail, Investor app notifications as well as on the website portal. You are guided throughout the course of recommendation period.

It is a high-risk product from small cap universe and companies are picked based on higher earnings, asset efficiency and lower valuations with an expected return of 30-50%.

We always remain committed to providing the best profitable recommendations to our clients. Accuracy is subjected to volatility of the market, but we are known for our top-notch accuracy.

We will notify you through mobile application for when to exit /book profit in the particular stock. Also, you will be getting detailed review of financial performance every quarter.

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