Long term stocks to invest for Growth

The pace of technological change has been so fast in the last few years that it is leading to disruptions in existing business models and practices. The instinct to survive in a hostile environment is compelling companies ...to reinvent themselves by coming up with innovative and out-of-the-box survival strategies that ultimately have one focus: "Customer is the "King". Vriddhi aims to include new age companies across sectors that are disrupting business models. The disruptive nature of their business model may take time to fructify and, therefore, these are stocks to buy for the long term and the product identifies such long term stocks to invest in. The disruptive business model of these companies has the potential to provide higher returns to the investors. Hence, these are some of the best stocks for long term investment.

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1 Year


Low Risk

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Client shall receive one recommendation per month over a period of one year.

The holding period for each recommended stock may be for three year.

Recommendations will provide clear entry and exit points to make most out of it.

Vriddhi is based on Growth investing philosophy. It is a high-risk product with potential upside of 60%+

Detailed review of recommendation's quarterly performance will be provided every three months.

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You will be getting twelve recommendations over a period of one year with clear entry and exit points.

The maximum holding period for recommended stocks will be three years. But also, if the stock reached its target price early, we tend to exit at that point itself.

We provide recommendations via Email alerts, and Investor app notifications as well as on the website portal. You are guided throughout the course of recommendation.

It is a Low and Medium risk contrarian stocks product with potential upside of 60%+

We always remain committed to providing the most profitable recommendations to our clients. Accuracy is subjected to volatility of the market, but we are known for our top-notch accuracy.

We will notify you through mobile application for when to exit /book profit in the stock. Also, you will be getting a detailed review of financial performance every quarter.

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