Scalping Profit from index options

Market statistics indicate that nearly 80 per cent of the options expire worthlessly. Thus, it gives out the fact that the buyer of the option loses money, while the seller actually takes the premium....This presents traders with an opportunity for scalping stocks by selling the stock options. Therefore, scalping in the stock market is a smart strategy to make money by selling options. Pop Scalper provides Bank Nifty and Nifty intra-day trading tips in the options segment.

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Suited for traders who specifically trade in index options, i.e., Bank Nifty and Nifty

Only buy recommendation, i.e. long-only recommendation would be given either on Nifty or Bank Nifty options

Daily one call will be given, while on weekly expiry day, we may provide 2 to 3 recommendations, depending on the market conditions

This product provides only intra-day recommendations and hence it eliminates overnight risks

 Trade with a clear target and a well-defined stop loss, while receiving instant updates

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Pop Scalper is an index Option-trading based product, primarily designed for trader who wish to trade in Nifty and Bank Nifty options. All recommendations provided are index-based option buying which involves high risk and reward for the traders.

Format of recommendations under this product is “Range”. Considering intraday recommendations are fast-paced by nature, we intimate our clients by providing a range of buying levels, which would make execution easy. Along with this, you'll get all updates like Stop loss triggered or profit booked. 

To avoid time lag during intraday recommendation, we provide recommendations via Live Messenger (Website Dashboard) & Traders App notification. You are guided throughout the course of recommendation.

Number of recommendations are usually based on the market conditions, but on an average, you can expect anywhere between 1-2 recommendations per day.

We always remain committed to provide best profitable recommendations to our clients. Accuracy is subjected to intraday volatility of the market but we are known for our top-notch accuracy.

Returns are widely subjected to market conditions and it varies according to the market conditions. However, one can gauge the expected returns from the past performance which is uploaded on the product page.  That said, we do not provide any guarantee of future performance. We remain committed to provide best recommendations at any point of time.  

Intraday calls are fast-paced by nature, and thus, traders are required to act swiftly. We provide buying range in our recommendations which thus makes trading in options relatively easy.

Intraday recommendations are fast paced and changing dynamics of the market at any point of time makes it very important to track the trades. We urge our clients track their trades and keep a close watch on any updates related to recommendations.

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