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TAS is a cash-based swing trading recommendation service that is powered by highly qualified and experienced technical experts. Swing trading is a trading style in which positions are held for days to weeks. ...This service is specially designed for traders/investors and beginners who don’t want to get into the hustle of intra-day trading and prefer to follow the ‘buy and hold’ kind of approach for the short term. Swing trading strategies are generally backed by technical analysis. However, what separates us from the rest or provides us an edge is that we focus on stocks which are tick most of the parameters of fundamental check and on these stocks, we apply technical analysis to fine-tune the entry and reap benefits of a trending move in such stocks. In this service, you will get 5-8 high quality trading recommendations with an aim to get substantial returns.

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TAS is a cash-based swing trading recommendation service specially designed for traders/investors and beginners who don’t want to get into the hustle of intra-day trading and prefer the ‘buy & hold’ approach for the short term

A well-defined range is provided to enter the stock along with stop-loss and target, so that you are aware of the risk-reward ratio of your trade at the time of buying the stock

With this Service , you’ll get 5-8 high-quality trading recommendations every month, while the maximum number of open positions would be 2-3 at any given point in time

In this product, the recommendation is provided in fundamentally sound and technically strong stocks

This product focuses on capturing fluctuation in market sentiments and allows entry and exist at key levels

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Dr. Manisha Vyas
Dr. Manisha Vyas-Pune, Maharashtra

"I appreciate the thorough research done by DSIJ team behind each and every stock pick whether it is short term BTST , medium term TAS or long term investment. They deliver a good success rate consistently and I am able to trade and invest with confidence. Highly recommend"

5th September 2023

Apurv Pandey
Apurv Pandey-

"The POP TAS is moderate risk service where making profits while you're busy in your other office works is pretty easy. Simply follow the alerts and you will have decent returns by the end of the month."

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Pop TAS is a cash-based swing trading product, primarily designed for traders who wish to take advantage of strong momentum and trend trading. In this product, Recommendations usually last upto 15 days to capture a healthy trend.

Format of recommendations under this product is “Range”. Considering quick momentum is necessary for swing trading and recommendations being fast-paced by nature, we intimate our clients by providing a range of buying levels, which would make execution easy. Along with this, you'll get all updates like Stop loss triggered or profit booked. 

To avoid time lag during intraday recommendation, we provide recommendations via Live Messenger (Website Dashboard) & Traders App notification. You are guided throughout the course of recommendation.

A maximum of two recommendations are open at any point of time. Depending on market conditions, we tend to provide best possible swing trading recommendation at any point of time.

We always remain committed to provide best profitable recommendations to our clients. Accuracy is subjected to intraday volatility of the market but we are known for our top-notch accuracy.

Returns are widely subjected to market conditions and it varies according to the market conditions. However, one can gauge the expected returns from the past performance which is uploaded on the product page.  That said, we do not provide any guarantee of future performance. We remain committed to provide best recommendations at any point of time.  

TAS recommendations are fast-paced by nature because it captures the momentum, and thus, traders are required to act swiftly. We provide buying range in our recommendations which thus makes trading relatively easy.

Recommendations are fast paced and changing dynamics of the market at any point of time makes it very important to track the trades. We urge our clients track their trades and keep a close watch on any updates related to recommendations.

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