Best Share Portfolio for Long Term

Super60 is a unique portfolio of stocks that is best suited to your profile and helps you achieve your goal of wealth creation!
This product comprises a balanced mix of large, mid and small companies with strong cash generating ability, healthy return ratios, coupled with good corporategovernance practice. This product is ideal for investors

who want to cut-out the noisecreated by turbulences in the stock market, beat the indices and focus on wealth generation. After thorough scrutinization of your risk profile, you will be allocated a one-time customized portfolio from one of the 3 risk buckets- normal, high and very high risk. This portfolio will comprise 15 stocks with a detailed investment rationale. There will be constant monitoring of these stocks to ensure that they give the expected returns.There will be annual rebalancing to ensure that there are always quality stocks in the portfolio. The investment horizon will be of 5 years.



6 Months

Risk Type


Expected Return

Product Highlights

  • One-time long-term portfolio of 15 stocks with detailed investment rationales.

  • Reviewed annually to rebalance and alter stocks, as need be.

  • Product constituents largely from Large Cap (50%), Mid Cap (40%), Small Cap (10%).

  • Subscribers to receive the performance report on quarterly basis.

  • Update on quarterly results of stocks held in the portfolio.

If you are interested please pay EOI (Expression of Interest ) by clicking on the button below and enjoy a 15 Days online Magazine subscription while we complete the formalities required before the payment for the above IA service can be done as per SEBI guidelines.

D.S. Chandrashekar
D.S. Chandrashekar

Though it is the first time introduced product ,DSIJ team is putting in a lot of technical analysis, value picks, futuristic organization recommendations. Once in 3 months quarterly report of the companies result analysis etc. For any query immediate updating will be done by the team super 60. As of now 16th March invested in 12 scripts as per the weightage recommendations, value appreciated is 27% ( as on date) Really SUPER 60 is product to avail.

Prasant Rai
Prasant Rai

DSIJ Magazine provides excellent fundamental & technical recommendations for investing & trading in equity. Good cover story which helps to remain updated with market.

Jayesh Gajjar,
Jayesh Gajjar,

"I am regular reader of Dalal street magazine & it is very useful for searching valuable & fundamentally good companies & getting best knowledge for share trading"

S. Ramachandran
S. Ramachandran

Being a subscriber for last 5 years, I have found useful articles and recommendations in almost every issue from the beginning. Your history of research and quality of content has compelled me to renew my subscription for 5 more years."

Vince Mcman
Vince Mcman

I am reading DSIJ for last 4-5 yrs & I like all sections, but hot chips, low priced scrip are my favorites. Portfolio guide, technical and Databank are also outstanding. I can say that it is a must for novice and professional investors. Keep it up DSIJ."

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