Equity Model Portfolio for Long Term

Super Equity Portfolio (SEP) is a unique model portfolio of stocks to help you to achieve your goal of wealth creation! Portfolio under this service comprises of companies with strong cash generating ability, healthy return ratios, coupled with good corporate governance practices. ...

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6 Months


Low to High*

*Will depend upon the client's Portfolio.

Risk Level

SEP Multi Cap

Equity has established itself as a resilient asset class within the realm of investments, consistently surpassing other asset classes and providing a platform for long-term wealth creation. In the context of SEP Multi Cap, our primary objective is to identify high-quality companies that exhibit strong and reliable cash generation.
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Quality stocks with strong cash generating ability, heathy return ratios, coupled with good corporate governance practice.

Cutting the Noise by staying away from short term volatility in the market.

Combination of Large, Mid & Small caps to keep a powerful balanced portfolio. The exact proportion with depend upon risk profile of an investor.

It is a medium risk product with diversified portfolio.

SEP Small Cap

Investing in small-cap companies within the equity market offers higher returns and growth potential compared to larger counterparts. SEP Small Cap provides a carefully selected portfolio of small-cap stocks based on solid fundamentals, valuation, industry trends, scalability, liquidity, and management quality. Diversification across sectors ensures a robust investment option.
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Investing in stocks that have room for higher growth in future that can potentially become big companies.

Long-term investors can see their investment value growing much more than the benchmark (BSE 250 SmallCap Index).

Investors will have a portfolio of stocks which are early stage growing companies

SEP Mid Cap

Investing in mid-cap stocks offers the opportunity for higher returns and diversification in the equity market. Mid-cap companies, positioned between large-cap and small-cap categories, have significant growth potential with reduced risk compared to small-cap stocks.
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While mid-cap stocks can be subject to greater volatility than large-cap stocks, they tend to be less volatile than small-cap stocks.

Mid-cap companies have the potential to offer more favourable risk-adjusted returns.

Mid-cap stocks may provide greater stability and potential for growth compared to other categories.

Mid-cap companies tend to have more information available for analysis than small-cap companies, allowing for better-informed investment decisions.

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D.S. Chandrashekar
D.S. Chandrashekar-

Though it is the first time introduced product ,DSIJ team is putting in a lot of technical analysis, value picks, futuristic organization recommendations. Once in 3 months quarterly report of the companies result analysis etc. For any query immediate updating will be done by the team super 60. As of now 16th March invested in 12 scripts as per the weightage recommendations, value appreciated is 27% ( as on date) Really SUPER 60 is product to avail.

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