COVER STORY Vol. 36 Issue No. 26

Relevance Of Value Investing

Looking at the current mood in the market and the way new investors think about stock valuation, it looks like the concept of value investing is outdated. Yogesh Supekar discusses why value investing is not something one should say goodbye to and that it matters even today when everyone is chasing growth

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Risk Reward Not in Favour of Investors

There are times when one needs to be bullish i.e. go all in on the markets...
Special Report

Good Times To Last Long For Broking Industry

The broking industry has been the talk of the town owing to the...

Sona Blw Precisions Forgings : Moving In The Fast Lane

Over the years, Sona BLW Precision Forgings has expanded its offerings...
Databank & Dividend

Data Bank

This is a super house of financial data on 3500 corporates with up to date...
Informed Intelligence


The recommendations provided in this column are taken from various market...

Insurance is a Must!

Most people are well-acquainted with the fact that insurance is a prime...

In conversation With Sunil Chordia Chairman and Managing Director, Rajratan Global Wire Ltd.

Sunil Chordia Chairman and Managing Director, Rajratan Global Wire Ltd.
Letter to Editor

Portfolio Rebalancing

Market Moves

Real Estate Stocks Continue To Outperform

Inflation worries, stretched valuations, rising corona virus cases and the...
Query Board

Query Board

This section gives decisive investment rationales to our subscribers on...


In this edition, we have reviewed Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and...

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MF - Cover Story

Are Small-Cap & Mid-Cap Funds Still In The Race?

History suggests that small-cap and mid-cap companies tend to grow faster...
MF - Databank

MF Data Bank

Databank of top-ranked equity funds based on DSIJ's proprietary...
MF - DSIJ Recommendation

Fund of Fortnight

This is our mutual fund recommendation. Every fortnight , we recommend one...
MF - Editorial

RBI Retail Direct Scheme : Look Before you Leap!

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Reserve Bank of India...
MF - Expert Guest Column

Invest Wisely, Save Tax

With less than five months to go in the current financial year, one of the...
MF - Goal Planning

Strike A Balance

Indian equities in line with the global markets are trading at elevated...
MF - Interviews

In conversation with George Heber Joseph CEO and CIO, ITI Mutual Fund

With all the three engines of economy, namely, consumption, investment and...
MF - Letter to Editor


The special report titled ‘Buy Gold Digitally’ was quite...
MF - Special Report

PSU Funds Set To Woo Investors

In a series of bizarre events in the last week of October 2021, we saw...

MF Query Board

Readers are requested to send only one query at a time so that more...

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