Stock below Rs 20: Keep an eye on this stock which was locked in the upper circuit on November 29

Kiran Shroff
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Stock below Rs 20: Keep an eye on this stock which was locked in the upper circuit on November 29

Today, the stock of this company was locked at 20 per cent at Rs 12.24 per share.

One of the Top Gainers on the BSE today, shares of Supertex Industries Ltd surged and reached an upper price band of Rs 12.24 per share, after being locked in the 20 per cent upper circuit. Shares also traded at a new 52-week high of Rs 12.24. Additionally, the company's stock price has risen dramatically and has made consecutive upper circuits over the past five days of trading sessions.  

In its quarterly and annual financial filings, the firm did not present strong numbers. The massive purchase of 75000 shares and takeover by Miss Trina Devang Vyas was the main cause of the increase in share price and hence is witnessing some fresh buying today. Today, shares of Supertex Industries Ltd saw a spurt in volume by more than 8 times on BSE.  

Supertex Industries Ltd was founded in 1986 for the processing of synthetic yarns and fabrics. It is engaged in texturizing, twisting, draw-warping and sizing of polyester filament yarn (PFY).  

The stock is up by 76 per cent in one year while BSE Sensex is up by 9.5 per cent in one year. Investors must keep this stock on their watch list.

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