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DSIJ Mutual Fund Ranking

The unique forward-looking ranking that targets fast growth

The following table lists top-ranked equity fund based on DSIJ proprietary research methodology. Having a history of more than 32 years in equity research, we take advantage of our research strength and experience of understanding listed companies to ascertain the expected return on the underlying stocks of each equity fund.  We evaluate the underlying portfolio of stocks of each fund and calculate their expected returns. This helps us come out with a composite score, which we call mutual fund score (MF Score). Depending upon the MF score, we rank the funds without getting biased by the historical returns of the funds. This way we are also able to rank newly launched funds that are not rated by others due to their shorter duration of existence. 

Every day, we evaluate all the equity funds based on changed ratings of underlying stocks and price changes in the underlying asset allocations. Therefore, this list is quite dynamic and reflect the best return potential of the funds for the next one year. 

We have not differentiated between different styles of investment and all the funds are ranked purely on their return potential. The reason being, as an investor your first preference is capital appreciation.  Nevertheless, you can also use this ranking to make your mutual fund portfolio. Depending upon your risk profile and overall asset allocation you can add best performing funds category to your portfolio. The same ranking can also be used to review different holdings in your portfolio. Hence, a lagged performer of a category can be looked upon as an indicator to switch or exit. 

Features of DSIJ MF Ranking

  • bulletDSIJ MF ranking fills that gap between the products currently available and the product required by investors
  • bulletMF Score helps investors to identify the best performing fund with one-year perspective
  • bulletMF Score indicates which funds have fallen out of favour and should be exited 
  • bulletHelps investors hold funds that are likely to remain best performing fund.
  • bulletEvery month investors can invest in our top-ranked mutual fund, just like SIP.