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This table lists the top-ranked equity funds based on DSIJ’s proprietary research methodology. Having a history of more than 34 years in equity research, we take advantage of our research strength and experience of understanding listed companies to ascertain the expected return on the underlying stocks of each equity fund. This helps us come out with a composite score, which we call mutual fund score (MF Score). Depending upon the MF score, we rank the funds without getting biased by the historical returns of the funds. This list is quite dynamic and reflect the best return potential of the funds for the next one year.


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NASDAQ hits all time high; S&P 500 near life highs while Bitcoin turn positive after massive price drop!

In midst of the chaos that is taking place in the crypto currency world NASDAQ just managed to hit an all-time high for itself. The S&P 500 is precariously poised to make its record highs as is trades just half a percent below its life highs.

Yogesh Supekar / Article rating: 5.0
NASDAQ Composite is a tech-heavy index and has been a world beating index in 2020. In 2021 so far NASDAQ has underperformed...