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Golden 400 (India's top 400 Large Cap companies)

Large Cap 400 Stocks DSIJ's Golden 400 is a comprehensive resource on India's 400 best large cap companies.

The up-to-date info includes the latest developments in each of the Top 400 ranked large cap companies with a financial snapshot of the last 5 years, in-depth interviews with leaders of these companies that gives readers valuable insights into these companies and their respective industry.

The book helps you find the right large cap stocks for an ideal portfolio.

Top Large Caps of India is a definitive and detailed guide on the crème de la crème, the top Indian companies, the blue chips that offer the maximum potential for growth and earnings! They are India's large cap companies with a market capitalization of more than Rs 550 crore. With accurate and up-to-date financial snapshots on each of the companies and in-depth interviews with their  C.M.Ds, this annual compendium provides the reader with insightful information on the future plans, the expansion activities, proposed mergers and acquisitions and many other company details  that serve as a reference guide for investors.


  • bullet Profile of companies

  • bullet Address and Other contact details

  • bullet Dividend History

  • bullet Bonus History

  • bullet Rights History

  • bullet Products Mix

  • bullet Financials of last five quarters

  • bullet Yearly highlights of last five years

  • bullet Performance overview of top 400 companies and future challenges

  • bullet In depth interview of top CEOs along with their strategy for the company

  • bullet Caricatures with CEO profiles

An excellent read for reference, information and insight into India's top performing companies.