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Anindya Ghoshal
Anindya Ghoshal Howrah

DSIJ Magazine has helped me a lot in understanding the movement of stock market and the economy. I have clarified my analysis with the recommendations and analysis from DSIJ, and I received great insights. I think it's really worthwhile to have its subscription.

15 October 2020

Suravi Nayak
Suravi Nayak Bhubaneswar Orrisa

I am thankful to your endeavor to keep us informed even in most difficult times. Your sincerity can not be doubted.
As far as I am concerned, let me tell you that DSIJ magazine played a pivotal role in my stock picking since last twelve years. It is quite difficult to do it without DSIJ.

21 May 2021


I am really glad to inform you that DSIJ helped a lot to complete my Ph.D work successfully and fruitfully. Area of my research work - Stock Market. I am your subscriber for past 5 years. This journal is very informative especially for those who are from commerce background.

11 October 2021

Preksha Dassani
Preksha Dassani

It is a delight to read the way the information is presented. It is well supported with facts and crisp. Since I'm a new investor in the market, my objective to subscribe to DSIJ magazine was to understand the markets from a practical perspective. I applied the tips suggested and it helped for a short term gain. Thank you for enhancing my knowledge and I'm sure in the long run I'll be able to fetch better and bigger returns.

19 October 2020

Rama Krishna
Rama Krishna

DSIJ is always excellent. Not only giving calls but also the follow ups like Book Profit, Stop loss etc. Hat's off DSIJ. Just go and get one DSIJ magazine and now online addition and simply buy the calls that's all. No need to panic about results. Just book profits. Long live DSIJ.

11 September 2020

Jaswant Singh Malhotra
Jaswant Singh Malhotra New Delhi

I am a regular buyer of DSIJ magazine since its inception in 1987 and now I'm subscribing for DSIJ E-magazine for the last 2 years. Congratulations to entire DSIJ team for excellent efforts in keeping the flag flying.

21 February 2022

Suman Kumar Datta
Suman Kumar Datta

"Being a stock market trainer and trader, I have followed DSIJ for many years. I recommend DSIJ to my students also because I feel they do extensive research on Indian companies and explain that to the readers in the simplest of languages. Earlier I used to purchase the magazine from the local newspaper vendor and this time I took their 3 years subscription to have the price advantage."

30 August 2022